NAMO 2020

NAMO (non-alcoholic mix off) is a big event that is thrown every year to educate the general college population about alcohol awareness. However, this year because of the pandemic, the event is going to look very virtual with an online platform but the premise is the same. However, with the stress from everything that has happened this year, we also want to draw the spotlight to diversity and inclusion.

So, with this year’s theme – the Steel City Melting Pot – every participating organization gets to choose a community in Pittsburgh to represent and highlight all the things that make them unique. Then they are to make a drink based on their chosen community and make a few videos about it!

Here is the timeline of NAMO and how to participate. There is form each organization or hall council will have to fill out in regards to choosing a community, and then creating two short videos about their chosen community and drink!

  1. A list of communities within Pittsburgh is available through the Qualtrics form. Once an organization or hall council come up with who they want to represent please direct them to fill out and complete this entire Qualtrics form by the morning of Monday, October 19th.
  2. Video 1: This will be your culture focus video. The video should be 30-45 seconds. This video is about highlighting the beauty of your community and how the cultural differences of that community make Pittsburgh the amazing place that it is. 

  3. Video 2: This is your drink making video. Whether it may be the theme or the ingredients, try to find a way to connect your drink to your chosen community. Also make sure you include information about alcohol awareness, this can be done as a skit or while you are preparing drinks. This will be 1-2mins long. Only Hall Councils will receive $40 to buy ingredients for your drink. Only participating Student Organizations will be reimbursed up to 40$ for any ingredients bought.

So, there are a LOT of communities in Pittsburgh. You are not expected to know every detail about every community but use this project as a learning opportunity to explore some new communities you haven’t heard off. Go visit them (be safe while doing so, mask up and social distance), take pictures, and find out something you haven’t known before. 

In your first video, your goal is to highlight how that community contributes to the diversity of Pittsburgh. Eg. Pitt contributes to the diversity of Pittsburgh by bringing in students from different walks of life and giving them a platform to get further educated and shape the world to make it what they want it to be. 

Going off of that example, while also including information about alcohol and how to be safe with it, you want your drink to connect to your chosen community. So, using Pitt as an example I may create a blue and gold drink to represent Pitt. In my video I may explain how the lemonade I used can be demonstrative of the growing experiences at Pitt and although they may be sour, those experiences shape students and make them ripe for the real world. Finally, I can say the blueberries I used to make the blue aspect of my drink is demonstrative of how something that looks so simply can have such a powerful flavor like the students at Pitt who are complex and smart and ready to take on the world. Together these ingredients come together to make a blueberry lemonade which is a lot more nutritious and delicious than any alcoholic beverage. 

All videos are due by October 26th at 5 PM. Please submit your videos to this google drive:

Please be mindful of everyone else’s content. Any misuse of this platform will result in a disqualification from the contest.  

The winning teams get to receive some secret surprises and gifts. There are three categories for a chance to win!

1) Best Drink – A part of this award involves recognition of the drink in dining halls. The Eatery and the Perch will be carrying your drink. 

2) Best presentation of chosen community 

3) Best Overall

As stated earlier, this year NAMO (the non-alcoholic mix off) is on an online platform. Therefore, we need everyone to be considerate of other viewers online, especially as this year’s theme is focused on cultural diversity. We should not see cultural appropriation or any kind of racism on this platform. Any party or individual caught will face consequences with the Diversity and Inclusion Office and will be disqualified from receiving prizes at NAMO. 

Cultural appropriation is defined as the adoption of elements from a culture by someone not of that identity. This act is inherently meant to demean or make fun of a certain group of people. It also often leaves out the original cultural significance of an object/ piece of clothing, thereby distancing it from its initial intention and reducing it to a ‘prop.’ Examples of cultural appropriation may include, for instance, using sacred artifacts as accessories or copying a culture’s hairstyle. We expect you to engage with other cultures on more than just an aesthetic level. Acknowledge this as more of a “cultural exchange,” where you can learn new things about the world in a respectful, open manner. 

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION The University of Pittsburgh does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on disability, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, marital status, familial status, sex, age, sexual orientation, veteran status or gender identity or other factors as stated in the University’s Title IX policy. The University is committed to taking prompt action to end a hostile environment that interferes with the University’s mission. For more information see: We ask that everyone participating strive to help ensure viewers of your videos can learn in a supportive and respectful environment. If there are instances of the aforementioned issues, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, by calling 412-648-7860, or e-mailing Reports can also be filed online: You may also choose to report this to a faculty/staff member; they are required to communicate this to the University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. If you wish to maintain complete confidentiality, you may also contact the University Counseling Center (412-648-7930).

Viable Non- Alcoholic Drinks:

The drink you create needs to be drinkable and cannot have alcohol in it. Do not add anything that cannot be consumed, such as detergent or bubble bath. Do not add meat in your drink. As a general rule of thumb, please do not add anything into the drink that you would not personally consume. As a rule of thumb, if the RSA E-Board rules out your drink, you will be unable to win the best drink award. 

Academic Integrity Policy: Cheating/plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students suspected of violating the University of Pittsburgh Policy on Academic Integrityy, noted below, will be required to participate in the outlined procedural process as initiated by the instructor.  (See