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Resident Student Association Constitution (Last revision: 8/17/2017)

The first three articles of the constitution are displayed in the preview below:

The University of Pittsburgh

Article I.


The name of this organization shall be the Resident Student Association (RSA).  The RSA shall be the representative body for all University of Pittsburgh students who reside within residence halls managed by the Office of Residence Life (RL), hereafter referred to as Residents.  The RSA is established to advocate for Residents in University matters which concern their welfare; to promote academic, cultural, intellectual, social, and leadership development amongst Residents; to encourage active participation among Residents through campus and residence hall programming; and to stimulate an interest in and responsibility for self-governance.

Article II.


I. To represent Residents in University matters which concern their welfare.
II. To design and implement initiatives that shall improve the quality of life for Residents.
III. To serve as the liaison between Residents and University Administration, especially RL.
A. To work with RL to establish and revise University policies in an effort to improve living standards within the Residence Halls.
B. Advocate to the Housing Services Office ways in which to improve the Residence Halls facilities.
IV. To work with, support and contribute to the University of Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)
V. To provide social, service-based, and educational activities for resident students.
VI. To support a residence environment that is conducive to student learning.
VII. To provide opportunities for leadership development, civic engagement, and personal growth.

Article III.

I. Residents who reside in University of Pittsburgh residence halls that are managed by RL are automatically given membership in the RSA.
1. Residence halls that are managed by RL are hereby identified as: Bruce, Brackenridge, and McCormick Halls (known collectively hereafter as the Quad); Litchfield Tower A; Litchfield Tower B Blue; Litchfield Tower B Gold; Litchfield Tower C; Holland Hall; Forbes Hall; Nordenberg Hall; Lothrop Hall; Sutherland Hall; and Panther and Irvis Halls.
II. All Residents must accept and comply with all of the requirements and limitations of certification as a condition of membership. Failure to accept these requirements and limitations forfeits membership in the RSA.
III. Membership in the Resident Student Association is voluntary and all risk of personal injury, property damage or other losses that occur incidental to membership or participation in activities are assumed solely by the student organization and/or individual member(s) or non-member participant(s). Accordingly, the University of Pittsburgh, its officers and agents shall not be responsible nor liable for any claims or causes of action for damage or loss of property or personal injury of any kind or nature which may arise out of or are incidental to the conduct of any organization’s activities or that of any individual’s participation in any group-related activity. It is further understood and agreed that it is the responsibility of the officers of the organization to assure that all of the organization’s members and non-member participants in all activities sponsored by the Resident Student Association are fully informed and advised of this ASSUMPTION OF RISK, and in the event any individual member or participant should express or indicate non-acceptance, the organization’s officers shall forbid participation and/or membership of such individual. In regard to the organization member or non-member participant Assumption of Risk, the Resident Student Association acknowledges that the University recommends that the organization members and non-member participants make every effort to arrange for the acquisition of liability insurance sufficient to protect all participants against those risks being assumed. For sport-related activities, the University recommends that each individual have insurance sufficient to allow for any risks by participation, accident or by deficiencies in physical health.
IV. No hazing or illegal discriminatory criteria for membership, including those listed in the University of Pittsburgh’s non-discrimination policy, will be used as a condition for membership in the organization. These factors include race, color, religion (except for religious organizations which may restrict membership to those who share their faith-based beliefs), national origin, ancestry, sex (except same sex organizations permitted under Title IX), age, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, disability or status as a veteran. This non-discriminatory policy will be applied in a manner consistent with the requirements of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and other laws applicable to student organizations.
V. There are no financial requirements for membership in RSA.